The House  

The House


This idéal accomodation is placed in the very heart of Avignon, offering visitors a magical and enjoyable expérience.

Being a place of historic wealth enriched with culture and unique Art.

Your welcome stay will be completed at the pleasant and homely B&B « Maison Boussingault » situated in the Vernet area of the touwn, only two minutes walk from the Pope’s Palace and the famous St Benezet bridge.

This ancient stables, being fully renovated, offers 3 air conditioned bedrooms complete with bathrooms and respective access to the courtyard.

Staying at the « Maison Boussingault » will allow you to access yhe pleasures of Avignon all by foot ! Being a scenic stroll, indulying in shopping or easy access to a wide choice of restaurants, bars, and cafés as well as engaging in the cultural life of this beautiful town.


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